Thinking about the mobile phone's website design, you can enjoy the best experience on your mobile phone or computer



By this day, some companies use FLASH to make websites, mobile phones are not compatible, and desktop versions are running at an unusually slow speed.
We have sophisticated HTML5 technology that keeps pace with the times.


Responsive Design

Whether on a cell phone or computer, or even a tablet,
It can also be perfectly displayed under different sizes of screens.


We replace the traditional PHP/ASPX serverScript with Node.Js to make small and medium-sized websites
There is data showing that Node.Js runs at a speed of 6 times that of older languages ​​like PHP/ASPX
When you have a good Server Script, you have to do more with less effort, so you can upgrade to make mobile apps at a discounted price.

Mobile app design and website management system production store

15 years of professional team

WeMake App parent company Artech Creative specializes in online platform and software development with over 15 years of good operating performance, one It has been trusted by customers from all walks of life, as well as government departments and academic institutions. Today, the website is dominated by the mobile experience, we focus on ultra-fast loading, smooth mobile experience. At the same time, we have a team dedicated to mobile apps, which is well-known for mobile applications and facilitates the subsequent development of the Apps version.

Google's survey pointed out that up to 70% of the world's 3G network or slower Internet access by 2020, and loading more than 6 seconds can cause 26% of your customers' losses.

Google Test
And our Wemakeapp can reach the best standard of Google Test (3G network is completed in 3.8 seconds).

Seo optimization to increase web page exposure. Accurate Keywords, good website architecture, can greatly increase the exposure of your web pages on Google. We have experts in Google SEO, so that your website can greatly help your business. We focus on cost-effectiveness and give you the best service.


Work reference

We use the latest programming technology, 100% compatible with mobile hardware, keep updating and support the latest version of IOS and Android

Many people on the web page will do it, but doing it does not mean doing well. In addition to the beautiful interface design, we also focus on the inner beauty, smooth running and fast loading.
You can browse the following websites that use Node.JS+HTML5 programming technology to experience the huge difference from the traditional website experience.

Senior Designer

Studio Meal



Normal Designer

Amigo Mediskin

Login Education

Mastery Education

Upgrade to Apps

We have a professional Apps production team that can easily upgrade your mobile version to the Apps version, and we also have two upgrade options for WebApp and NativeApp.

Ionic(webview App)

The latest Ionic, the technology is gradually mature, can cover most of the functions, and the development time is short.

Native App

You have a high demand for the Apps experience. This may be a better choice. It takes a long time to develop, but it will be much better than WebApp in terms of future maintenance and speed.

More about Apps development

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We have made our Web and App available on all Major Platforms

The above services are developed by our team according to the general needs of the market, but they are by no means the whole of our services. If you have any needs or requirements, please feel free to contact us for a quote.