Perfect Coding Use Mobile Phone100% efficacy,More than 6 times faster and faster than WebView APP


Key mobile programming services

Basic personal / company / business mobile phone
Mobile Games (Mobile Games)
Mobile Phone System Applications
E-Shop Apps
Positioning System Application
Apps/ Game Promotion


Other Services

Website and System Programming
E-commerce & Online Shop
Online marketing and marketing
Fashion Multimedia Design
Graphic and Advertising Design

Three Objectives:

Perfect Coding won't produce Web View APP that only uses 15% of mobile phone performance
You can choose to use profit income instead of maintenance costs, and get close to the cost price to write the best App
Adequate communication with customers Two times a week report progress, work together with customers to create the ideal App

Mobile Phone App Design and Production Shop

Mobile App Production Team

WeMake App parent company Artech Creative specializes in online platforms and software development with over 15 years of good operating results. Since then, it has worked closely with other companies, government agencies and academic institutions and has been trusted by customers. At present, more and more App companies are emerging in the market. Many newly-launched App companies flaunt the development of cheap and rapid development; then, the last 90% Work items will end up in the end, and the finished products and development will be different from each other at first. After the upgrade of the mobile communication system (iOS and Android), it will be even better. Unusable outcome.

In view of this, we set up a new subsidiary company to create high-quality App for the company's mission with high quality and close to the development cost price. WeMake App is led by 9gag ex-tech executives for technical and quality monitoring. The technical team has a systematic design and programming of the App Strictly monitor and ensure that without BUG and APP, 100% of mobile phone performance can be used, and smooth running, pursuing the ideal user body Examination.

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Works Reference

We use the latest programming technology, 100% compatible phone hardware, keep updated and support the latest version of IOS and Android

In addition to more and more people wanting to start businesses with APPS, APPS development companies are getting more and more open, and most of them are advertised as cheap, but they only make a web view app. Just like web pages on mobile phones, they are slow and often flashback. Our company is based on high quality as the first purpose, using the latest Native programming technology.
You can download the following works that use the latest Native programming technology, and feel the huge difference from the general WebView App experience.

Works Reference

點幫 Dim Bong

house helper

School Partner

Online school service platform.

Image Image Image

Our technical team

Our technical staff, all of whom are currently graduated from the most outstanding Hong Kong University of Science and Technology in Greater China, are not comparable to the average technical staff. Technical problems are difficult for us. Don't worry about the project being untidy.

The strongest mobile APPS promotion marketing scheme

We have a large number of online registrations (KOL), including celebrities, famous artists, host, model, Blogger and Youtuber. The lineup covers beauty KOL, diet KOL, travel KOL, fashion KOL, professional and other sectors. The social platform is widely publicized by network reds, aiming to focus on the target customer base and establish a unique image for the brand to expand the network marketing market

KOL advertising concept
Advertising is overwhelming. In order to attract potential customers, in addition to the timing, creative elements, details and marketing strategies, we will also cooperate with market trends and brand positioning, and we will ensure that each concept is in line with the company's image. It broke out and caused public resonance. The effectiveness of the network red-person KOL promotion was more significant.

Unique data analysis system to provide the most suitable KOL
Unique data analysis system, providing the most suitable KOL Branding Works with a unique data analysis system, can target customers to target customers, and then provide the most suitable KOL / network red people to promote the products/services/activities required for promotion Make full use of its visibility and influence in the exclusive sector to bring products/services to the most suitable consumers, make the brand more vivid, its evaluation is more credible, and fans' confidence in products and services increases. The ultimate publicity benefits.

Document creation
The advertising document not only introduces the product features and promotion offers, but also draws close proximity to the customer base to establish a positive image of the company and make the brand style more prominent. We keep up with the hot words on the Internet and use the exquisite writing and professional perspective to make the entry point suitable, improve the shopping desire of potential customers and promote sales

Detailed results report to analyze market conditions
After the promotion is completed, we will produce detailed report analysis results for customers' reference. Customers can learn about the number of contacts and interactions of the promotion plan to analyze the current market positioning and future marketing strategies, identify the best channels for publication and promotion, and expand the network marketing market.​

Manage social - web pages
The number of social network users is increasing, and network marketing has become a major trend. The administrator on the social page is like the public relations of the brand. In addition to maintaining the relationship between the brand, the customer and the public, the company's image and style, and the distance from the potential customer group, the company's image is more friendly and reliable. loyalty.

Basic Personal/Company/Business Mobile Phone Program

Use as a basic data display, such as company business profile and personal promotion.

Mobile Games Production

Create an offline/online mobile game that can be used by individuals or the general public. Don't hesitate to find us to develop interesting and novel game programs!

Mobile System Application

According to the special needs of the guests, creating a small helper application in different areas is placed on their own mobile phones so that they can be handy when they start to work and greatly speed up their work efficiency.

E-Shop Apps

Use: To create a complete mobile shopping app, which consists of shopping process design, member account management system, merchandise management and mobile payment system. Our development team can do everything!

Location/Map - based Application

Programs can actively push different types of information (such as advertising or referral) according to the location of the smart phone user. In addition, the user can also use the positioning system program to request the latest information and information of the location (such as the latest store Discounts, nearby restaurant promotion). Support map display, positioning and destination indication.

E-Book Reader/Subscriber (E-Book Apps)

E-books have become very popular in the mobile phone market. We can help customers create a set of e-books with powerful features and high flexibility. Customers can adjust their personal/mass e-books.

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The above services are formulated by our team based on the general market needs, but they are by no means the whole of our services. If customers have any need or request, please feel free to contact us.