Apps development price Reference

App has two categories: Native App and Webview App. The cheaper ones are the Webview App. Webview App means to package the webpage into an app.

Since the development of the webpage is much simpler and the salary of the employee is much cheaper, many development companies on the market use the Webview App to package the webpage into an app. The disadvantage is that there is more BuG, the page turning time is slow, white, and the efficiency is low, and it suddenly pops up during use. The webview app has a very short lifespan because IOS/Android has a lot of minor updates. It is often not enough for three months to have problems.

A good app can be done without writing a programmer. Because there is a Wireframe, there is UI Design, there is Coding. This has involved many people in Product Manager, Designer, Programmer and so on. The price of the app development is proportional to the development time, and the more complex the app is, the more expensive it is.

App development price reference:
2018 Professional Mobile Programmer Average Annual Salary: $460,000 HKD
5 questions, simple evaluation of App quotation,
the following is subject to Hong Kong dollar In the beginning,
WireFrame + UI Design, starting at $30000 1. Does your app have to log in to the system?
A. email login +$5000
B. Facebook/Twitter login + $10000
C. No login system

2. Do you want to fill in your profile for your app to log in to the system?
A. Yes, 6 fields or less + $10000
B. 7 or more + $20000
C. No

3. How do you make money with this app?
A. Advertising or not
B. Paid download app + $10000
C. App charge + $30000

4. Is there a view or rating feature in the app?
A. Only view goods / other user features +$13000
B. Have a review, also have a rating +$20000
C. No

5. What version of your app do you want?
A. Webview above X1
B. Native (Android) above X1.4
C. Native (IOS) above X1.5
D. Native (Android + IOS) above X2.3

The above is just a simple reference, there are many rules and other functions. If you have a website and want to add the app, it could be much cheaper because the free of server side script.

App development quote query:
The best price with good coding.